Jack Peterson and John Harris
invite visitors of Alternative Youngstown
to gather at Dorian Bookstore
to peruse the shelves!

Hey YSU Students!

All holders of current and valid YSU IDs
can take 20% off the used books in stock.
The discount will be in effect for a limited time only,
and it applies only to used books in stock.

Located at the corner of Elm Street and Madison Avenue,
Dorian Bookstore is just south of Wick Park
and across the street from the
Cafaro Honor Dormitories.

Dorian is open from 11am to 6pm,
Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays and major holidays.

Call to check on titles and/or specials - 330-743-2665
or email Jack at dorianbooks@cboss.com

Dorian Books can order just about any new book in print.
We are very good at locating out-of-print books
at a reasonable cost.

Dorian Books is mainly a hardcover, trade paperback used bookstore,
covering a whole range of topics. The bookstore is smoke-free
and has a LARGE tom cat on the premises (Buster)
Check out the bargain book table where you can get decent hardcovers
for 50 cents or a dollar

Looking for books about the Mahoning Valley?
Find them at Dorian Books

"Rose Street" and its sequel,
"Rose Street Revisited" by Carmen Leone

"Visions of the Valley" by Carol DeFrank,
a large photographic portrayal of the Mahoning Valley,
especially its businesses

"Idora Park, the Last Ride of Summer" by a local professor, Rick Shale with collaboration of Charles J. Jacques, Jr.

Paperback Heaven
buy or trade mass market paperbacks
at half the cover price.